Chairman, SH. S.N. Vashisht, IPS

Haryana police Housing Corporation Ltd. (HPHC) was established on 29.12.1989 under company Act, 1956. This is a State Government undertaking Company with 100% share holding subscribed by the State Government, Haryana.

M.D. Sh. B.S. Sandhu, IPS

As MD, Haryana Police Housing Corporation our main objective is to undertake the construction as well as repairs and maintenance of residential and non-residential buildings for Police and Jail Department. We also undertake the deposit works of other Department in the State. Our endeavour is to provide transparency, excellence and completion of projects well in time for that we have started e-Tendering, e-Payment and regular monitoring of Projects through computers and regular visit and inspection of project at sites. Corporation has also undertaken the computerization of record of land and building of all units of Police Department. We are also committed to provide better work places for police men, comfortable housing for the families of the police men and to provide good and affordable school education to the wards of the police men so that officers and men of Haryana Police can serve the general public at large.