About Us


“Construction of Office space and family accommodation (house/flats) for police personnel in Haryana”.

Our endeavour is to enhance the satisfaction of our clients.

Provide latest technology.

Bring in competitive prices for clients.

Proper negotiations with manufacturers and contractors and

Provide good maintenance and repair services.

Towards this end, we enter into performance contracts and monitor the same on behalf of the clients, as far as possible following the procedures of the PWD department. From the current year we are venturing into repairs of various buildings of the police department and layout and horticultural development of police land holdings.

We are also having construction activities for the jail department and undertake construction of their houses/flats and the jail buildings.

All policy matters are formulated/approved by the Board of Directors of the Corporation and are in consonance with the policy of the State Government and the Haryana Bureau of Public Enterprises.