Rohtak Division

Sr. No. Name of work
Rohtak division
1 Construction of  Academic Block in  Sunaria (Rohtak) (Four storyed)
2 Construction of 96 nos. of Type V houses at Sunaria
3 Construction of 120 Nos. Type -VI (193 to 312) houses  at Sunaria
4 Construction of 240 Nos.  Type VI (433 to 672) houses in police Complex at  Sunaria  (Rohtak).
5 Construction of 3 nos. type – I, 10 Nos. Type II and 12 nos. type III houses in police line at Sunaria
6 Construction of Multi purpose hall at Sunaria
7 Construction of Admn. & Training Block at Sunaria  ( Four storyed )
8 Construction of 240 Nos.  Type VI (73 to 192) houses in Police Complea at Sunaria (Rohtak).
9 Construction of G.O. Mess at Sunaria Distt. Rohtak.
10 C/o School building in Police complex  at Sunaria
11 C/o Internal road in Police complex  at Sunaria
12 Construction of 48 Nos. Houses in sadar P.S. Rohtak.
13 Construction of ORs Mess in Police Line Rohtak
14 Supply and erection of DG set and pumping Machinery for Sewerage at  Sunaria Distt Rohtak
15 Providing Estate electrical service in Sunaria Distt Rohtak
16 Providing water supply scheme in  Sunaria .Distt Rohtak
17 Providing of  estate sewerage  scheme in Sunaria Distt Rohtak
18 Construction of STP 1.50 MLD in Sunaria Distt. Rohtak
19 Construction of Police Station  City at Rohtak
20 Construction of Veterinary poly-clinic at Rohtak
Jhajjar Distt.
1 Constg. Admn block in Jail  Jhajjar
2 Const.of 2  Nos barracks , 1 No Kitchen    in New Jail  Jhajjar
3 Const.of 2  Nos warder Hostel in New Jail Jhajjar
4 Const.of 1  No Factory shed  in Jail Jhajjar
5 Constg. Internal road in Jail complex Jhajjar
6 Cont. of 18’x12’ high B-wall in Jail Jhajjar (Balance Work)
7 Cont. of 8’ high B-wall in Jail complex Jhajjar
8 Const.of 2 Nos specials enclosure cell , 2 No. primary school complex , crèche, dispensary  in female barracks , electrical sub station
9 Construction .of 1 Nos 1882 sft , 770 sft , 4 Nos 600 sft , 36 Nois  440 sft area houses in New Jail  at Jhajjar ( Balance at risk and cost  M/S Parmod Chand Contractor sirsa now R/o House No. 999 sector –I Rohtak )
10 Const.of  30 beded Hospital  ,  Multi purpose hall  1  No solitary  confinement cell in  New Jail at Jhajjar
11 Const.of 1 No B class barracks & one No. Dietary Godown   in New Jail Complex
12 Pdg. Estate electrical service  sub station ST/LT line in New Jail Complex, Jhajjar
13 Providing water Supply line in New Jail Complex at Jhajjar.
14 STP and reuse of water  in jail Jhajjar.
15 Construction of fiber glass sheet over special cell, parking shed, security post watch towers, control room/ canteen and enclosure of Admn block in new jail complex at Jhajjar.