Madhuban Division



Name of work
Distt.  Karnal
1. Constn. of Multipurpose Hall in Police complex, Madhuban.
2. Constn. of Police Station, Madhuban.
3 Pdg.fixing of flood lights, luminaries, wall fan& exhaust fan for multipurpose hallat Madhuban.
4 Upgradation of Police Public School at Madhuban.
5 Upgradation of S/R of EWS quarters in Madhuban Complex
6 Constn. of additional room in Haryana police public school, Madhuban.
7 Constn. of 41No. type-VI (Six storeyed i/c stilt at G.F.) houses at Karnal.
8 Construction of additional FSL Block, Women Police Barrack and NGO hostel at Madhuban.
9 Supply, Installatuuion, Testing & commissioning of electric equipments (Interactive board, podium, motorized screen ) for training purpose at HPA,Madhuban
10 Water proofing treatment in toilet & terrace in additional FSL Block, NGO & Women Hostel at Madhuban
11 Supply, Installation, testing& Commissioning of 62.5 KVA silent DG set water cooled with allied items for NGO hostel at Madhuban (Karnal)
12 Extension of primery to secondary School in Police Line at, Panipat
13 Upgradation of horse enclosure, constn. of canteen building & training block in HPA, MBN.
14 Special repair of Line office, renovation of two barracks & upgradation of armoury kot in Commando Police complex, Newal.
15 Upgradation of Sewage system in Commando Complex at Newal, Distt. Karnal
16 Upgradation of Boundary Wall along Crime Branch Office at HPA, Madhuban..
  Distt. Sonipat-
17 Constn. of 84 Nos type VI houses at Sonepat (Group-I).
18 Constn. of 84 Nos type VI houses at Sonepat (Group-II).
19 Pdg. Estate water supply and sewerage system for 168 multi-storeyed houses in Police Lines at Sonepat
20 Pdg. Fire Fighting System for 168 multi-storeyed houses in Police Lines at Sonepat
21 Const.of CC roads for newly constructed 168 multi-storeyed houses in Police Lines at Sonepat
22 Pdg. Estate Electrical Services including DG set for 168no. type- VI houses in Police Lines, Sonepat
23 Construction of 2 Nos. type-III, 8 Nos. type-IV. 8 Nos. type-V and 40 Nos. type-VI in campus of Distt. Jail Sonepat.
24 Upgradation of estate electrical services by pdg. 315 KVA transformer along with petty material in G.O.mess at HPA Madhuban.
25 Spl. Repair of Distt. Jail Karnal and Panipat
26 Repair of Govt. quarters of Academy and barracks in RTC side of Mochi,Dhobi and barber at Madhuban.
  Distt. Kurukshetra
27 Upgradation of Police Station at Shahbad & Pehwa, Distt. Kurukshetra.
28 Special repair of District Jail, Kurukshetra.
  Distt. Sonipat
29 Upgradation of Police Post Samalkha, Police Line Panipat and Police Station Ghanaur, Distt. Sonepat.
30 Upgradation of water storage RCC tnak of 125 lac litres capacity of boosting machinery and pump chamber at Police Station Soinepat.