Hisar Division

Sr.No Name of  work
1 Up-gradation of Sewage Treatment Plant in P.L. Jind.  (TFC 2008-09) Preet Vihar Dehli.
2 S/R of NGO office , CHC store , THC & M.T section , Recreation room,2 nos. Barracks,Shops,Wireless,Workshops etc. in P.L.Jind.( TFC 2008-09-B Vide No. 1154/P-4 dt. 28.01.09 )
3 Special Repair of Internal Road and parking Area in Police Line at Distt.Jind (TFC 2009-10)
4 Special Repair of District Jail Jind.
5 Const. of 1 no. house for DSP & 9nos. For NGO’s in 3rd B.N. HAP,Hisar   (State Budget)
6 Supply & installation of Pre-fabricated huts at Mirchpur Distt. Hisar.
7 S/R of Shopping Complex , Hospital, roads in police complex Boundary wall for HAP 3rd Bn Police Station Agroha and Uklana in Distt. Hisar.(TFC 2009-10)
8 Const. of  Approach Road to 60nos type-VI houses in Police Lines Hisar.
9 Digital Topogoroaphical Survey of Police Lines, Jind, Bhiwani,Sirsa, Fatehabad, Hisar and HAP Hisar.
10 Maintenance of Transfers and OCB’s at Police Line Hisar and Sirsa.
11 Special Repair of Borstal Jail and Central Jail at Hisar.
12 Special Repair of Boundary Wall, Repair of Warder Hostel & Special Repair of Staff Quarters in Borstal Jail Hisar.
13 Up-gradation of Sewage Treatment Plant in P.L. Bhiwani.  (TFC 2008-09)
14 Constn. of Cement Concrete Road in Police Line Bhiwani.
15 Up-gradation of boundary wall of Police Station Siwani,Special Repair of Police Station Sadar, City Dadri, Baund Kalan and Bawani Khera and office of CID unit Bhiwani.(TFC 2009-10)
16 Const. of Boundary wall  in Police Station at Bhattu Kalan .
17 S/R of Distt. Jail Sirsa.