Ongoing Works



Sr. No.  Name of work
  Rohtak division
1 Construction of  Academic Block in  Sunaria (Rohtak) (Four storyed)
2 Construction of 96 nos. of Type V houses at Sunaria
3 Construction of 120 Nos. Type -VI (193 to 312) houses  at Sunaria
4 Construction of 240 Nos.  Type VI (433 to 672) houses in police Complex at  Sunaria  (Rohtak).
5 Construction of 3 nos. type – I, 10 Nos. Type II and 12 nos. type III houses in police line at Sunaria
6 Construction of Multi purpose hall at Sunaria
7 Construction of Admn. & Training Block at Sunaria  ( Four storyed )
8 Construction of 240 Nos.  Type VI (73 to 192) houses in Police Complea at Sunaria (Rohtak). 
9 Construction of G.O. Mess at Sunaria Distt. Rohtak.
10 C/o School building in Police complex  at Sunaria
11 C/o Internal road in Police complex  at Sunaria
12 Construction of 48 Nos. Houses in sadar P.S. Rohtak.
13 Construction of ORs Mess in Police Line Rohtak
14 Supply and erection of DG set and pumping Machinery for Sewerage at  Sunaria Distt Rohtak
15 Providing Estate electrical service in Sunaria Distt Rohtak
16 Providing water supply scheme in  Sunaria .Distt Rohtak
17 Providing of  estate sewerage  scheme in Sunaria Distt Rohtak 
18 Construction of STP 1.50 MLD in Sunaria Distt. Rohtak
19 Construction of Police Station  City at Rohtak
20 Construction of Veterinary poly-clinic at Rohtak
Jhajjar Distt.   
1 Constg. Admn block in Jail  Jhajjar
2 Const.of 2  Nos barracks , 1 No Kitchen    in New Jail  Jhajjar
3 Const.of 2  Nos warder Hostel in New Jail Jhajjar
4 Const.of 1  No Factory shed  in Jail Jhajjar
5 Constg. Internal road in Jail complex Jhajjar
6 Cont. of 18’x12’ high B-wall in Jail Jhajjar (Balance Work)
7 Cont. of 8’ high B-wall in Jail complex Jhajjar
8 Const.of 2 Nos specials enclosure cell , 2 No. primary school complex , crèche, dispensary  in female barracks , electrical sub station
9 Construction .of 1 Nos 1882 sft , 770 sft , 4 Nos 600 sft , 36 Nois  440 sft area houses in New Jail  at Jhajjar ( Balance at risk and cost  M/S Parmod Chand Contractor sirsa now R/o House No. 999 sector –I Rohtak )
10 Const.of  30 beded Hospital  ,  Multi purpose hall  1  No solitary  confinement cell in  New Jail at Jhajjar
11 Const.of 1 No B class barracks & one No. Dietary Godown   in New Jail Complex
12 Pdg. Estate electrical service  sub station ST/LT line in New Jail Complex, Jhajjar
13 Providing water Supply line in New Jail Complex at Jhajjar.
14 STP and reuse of water  in jail Jhajjar.
15 Construction of fiber glass sheet over special cell, parking shed, security post watch towers, control room/ canteen and enclosure of Admn block in new jail complex at Jhajjar. 



Sr.No Name of  work  
1 Up-gradation of Sewage Treatment Plant in P.L. Jind.  (TFC 2008-09) Preet Vihar Dehli.  
2 S/R of NGO office , CHC store , THC & M.T section , Recreation room,2 nos. Barracks,Shops,Wireless,Workshops etc. in P.L.Jind.( TFC 2008-09-B Vide No. 1154/P-4 dt. 28.01.09 )  
3 Special Repair of Internal Road and parking Area in Police Line at Distt.Jind (TFC 2009-10)  
4 Special Repair of District Jail Jind.  
5 Const. of 1 no. house for DSP & 9nos. For NGO’s in 3rd B.N. HAP,Hisar   (State Budget)  
6 Supply & installation of Pre-fabricated huts at Mirchpur Distt. Hisar.  
7 S/R of Shopping Complex , Hospital, roads in police complex Boundary wall for HAP 3rd Bn Police Station Agroha and Uklana in Distt. Hisar.(TFC 2009-10)  
8 Const. of  Approach Road to 60nos type-VI houses in Police Lines Hisar.     
9 Digital Topogoroaphical Survey of Police Lines, Jind, Bhiwani,Sirsa, Fatehabad, Hisar and HAP Hisar.  
10 Maintenance of Transfers and OCB’s at Police Line Hisar and Sirsa.  
11 Special Repair of Borstal Jail and Central Jail at Hisar.  
12 Special Repair of Boundary Wall, Repair of Warder Hostel & Special Repair of Staff Quarters in Borstal Jail Hisar.  
13   Up-gradation of Sewage Treatment Plant in P.L. Bhiwani.  (TFC 2008-09)  
14 Constn. of Cement Concrete Road in Police Line Bhiwani.  
15 Up-gradation of boundary wall of Police Station Siwani,Special Repair of Police Station Sadar, City Dadri, Baund Kalan and Bawani Khera and office of CID unit Bhiwani.(TFC 2009-10)  
  DISTT. FATEHABAD                                      
16 Const. of Boundary wall  in Police Station at Bhattu Kalan .                     
17 S/R of Distt. Jail Sirsa.  



S.No Name of work
  Distt.  Karnal
1. Constn. of Multipurpose Hall in Police complex, Madhuban.
2. Constn. of Police Station, Madhuban.
3 Pdg.fixing of flood lights, luminaries, wall fan& exhaust fan for multipurpose hallat Madhuban.
4 Upgradation of Police Public School at Madhuban.
5 Upgradation of S/R of EWS quarters in Madhuban Complex
6 Constn. of additional room in Haryana police public school, Madhuban.
7 Constn. of 41No. type-VI (Six storeyed i/c stilt at G.F.) houses at Karnal.
8 Construction of additional FSL Block, Women Police Barrack and NGO hostel at Madhuban.
9 Supply, Installatuuion, Testing & commissioning of electric equipments (Interactive board, podium, motorized screen ) for training purpose at HPA,Madhuban
10 Water proofing treatment in toilet & terrace in additional FSL Block, NGO & Women Hostel at Madhuban
11 Supply, Installation, testing& Commissioning of 62.5 KVA silent DG set water cooled with allied items for NGO hostel at Madhuban (Karnal)
12 Extension of primery to secondary School in Police Line at, Panipat
13 Upgradation of horse enclosure, constn. of canteen building & training block in HPA, MBN.
14 Special repair of Line office, renovation of two barracks & upgradation of armoury kot in Commando Police complex, Newal.
15 Upgradation of Sewage system in Commando Complex at Newal, Distt. Karnal
16 Upgradation of Boundary Wall along Crime Branch Office at HPA, Madhuban..
  Distt. Sonipat-
17 Constn. of 84 Nos type VI houses at Sonepat (Group-I).
18 Constn. of 84 Nos type VI houses at Sonepat (Group-II).
19 Pdg. Estate water supply and sewerage system for 168 multi-storeyed houses in Police Lines at Sonepat
20 Pdg. Fire Fighting System for 168 multi-storeyed houses in Police Lines at Sonepat
21 Const.of CC roads for newly constructed 168 multi-storeyed houses in Police Lines at Sonepat
22 Pdg. Estate Electrical Services including DG set for 168no. type- VI houses in Police Lines, Sonepat
23 Construction of 2 Nos. type-III, 8 Nos. type-IV. 8 Nos. type-V and 40 Nos. type-VI in campus of Distt. Jail Sonepat.
24 Upgradation of estate electrical services by pdg. 315 KVA transformer along with petty material in G.O.mess at HPA Madhuban.
25 Spl. Repair of Distt. Jail Karnal and Panipat
26 Repair of Govt. quarters of Academy and barracks in RTC side of Mochi,Dhobi and barber at Madhuban.
  Distt. Kurukshetra
27 Upgradation of Police Station at Shahbad & Pehwa, Distt. Kurukshetra.
28 Special repair of District Jail, Kurukshetra.
  Distt. Sonipat
29 Upgradation of Police Post Samalkha, Police Line Panipat and Police Station Ghanaur, Distt. Sonepat.
30 Upgradation of water storage RCC tnak of 125 lac litres capacity of boosting machinery and pump chamber at Police Station Soinepat.



S.No Name of work
1 Const. of 40 Nos. houses type V for NGOs & 85 Nos type VI  houses for ORS in Police Line Gurgaon   (Actual 208Nos T-V & 56 Nos T-VI)
2 Const. of 5 Nos houses for DCPs & 10 Nos houses for Dy.Supdt. and 10Nos NGOs  houses  in Police Line,  Gurgaon (Actual 5 Nos DCPs & 10 Nos for Dy.Supdt.)
3 Construction of 84 Nos type VI houses (Eight storyed i/c stilt at ground floor) in Police Line, at Gurgaon  (G-II) 113 to 196
4 Construction of 84 Nos type VI houses (Eight storyed i/c stilt at ground floor) in Police Line, at Gurgaon  (G-III) 197 to 280
5 Construction of 112 Nos type VI houses (Eight storyed i/c stilt at ground floor) in Police Line, at Gurgaon  (G-I) 1 to 112
6 Pdg. Fire fighting system in P.L. Gurgaon
7 Pdg. Estate water supply system , sewer work drainage, rain water harvesting scheme P.L. Gurgaon
8 Pdg. Estate electrical services  & supply and installation  testing and commissioning  of  3 Nos. 125  KVA  DG set with allied  material  P.L. Gurgaon
9 Constg 80 No.houses type VI  in police line ,Gurgaon(But to be Constg.56 No.houses
10 Up-gradation of water supply & sanitary system  in Police Line, at Gurgaon 
11 S/R Dist. Jail Gurgaon, Narnaul, Rewari .
12 Constn. of  Admn. Block -cum training block Bhondsi.
13 Constg. Addition floor (3rd  stsorey of Admn cum Trg. Block at RTC Bhondsi )
14 Constg. Sulabh Shochalya at Bhodnsi
15 Constg. 96 Nos. houses type VI At Bhondsi G-I (But to be constg. 40 Nos. houses)
16 Constg. GO mess at Bhondsi
17 Const. of school  building at RTC Bhondsi
18 Up-gradation of Hoarse race coarse by Pdg. Lighting system opp. PHC building & near high rise of Bhndsi
19 Up-gradation  of toilet in common room of barracks at RTC Bhondsi
20 Pdg CCTNS training hall at various stations Gurgaon, NNL, Rewari & Bhondsi
21 Pdg CCTNS training hall at various stations Palwal, NNL, Faridabad
22 Const. of 3 Nos type I, 1 No. type II , 4 Nos type III, 8 Nos type IV & 20 Nos. type V in Police Line, Faridabad
23 Pdg. Estate electrical services  & supply and installation  ,testing and commissioning  of 63 KVA  DG set with allied  material  P.L. Faridabad
24 Const. of 30 Nos houses for HC/CTs  in P.L. Faridabad(Actual 18 Nos houses)
25 Const of po.lice station building at Kotwali distt. Faridabad
26 Constg. Police station Old Faridabad
27 S/R of Police Stations NIT , Sector 55,31,7 Sarai Khawaja , City Ballabhgarh , Mujesar in Distt Faridabad
28 Constg. 24 Nos houses for ORs in Sadar police station  Palwal (Risk & cost of ( M/s Siddhartha associates)
29 Constg. Police station building Palwal 
30 Const. of P.S. Chandhut Distt. Palwal
31  S/R by Providing interlocking tile P.S. Kotwali
32 Constg. School  building at  Rewari
33 Constg. P.S. Punhana  Mewat Distt



S.No Name of work
1 Const of GO mess in police line at Moginand PKL(2nd storey)
2 Balance work of GO Mess at Panchkula
3 Construction of CID security lines at Chandigarh.
4 Const. of concrete road for 100 Houses in Police line, Moginand, Panchkula.

Providing 315 KVA distribution transformer alonwith HT AB cable and allied items for Telecom Training Centre building in Police Line, Moginand, Panchkula.


Up-gradation of Police Control room at 2nd floor, Police Head Quarter, Panchkula.

7 Up-gradation of Police Post Mansa Devi Police Station Kalka Raipurrani and Pinjore Distt. Panchkula.
8 Providing and fixing Chain Link at Chappar & Jagadhri.


9 Constn .of 60 Nos houses  Type-VI (Actual 24 nos houses) in Police Line Ambala
10 Constn.of 24 No.houses in Police Line, Ambala.
11 Constn. of Administrative block , New police Hospital and barracks for Ors in Police line at Ambala .
12 Const. of Police Station building at Mullana Distt. Ambala.
13 Const. of P.S Sadar at Ambala
14 Const. of Police Station, Baldev Nagar, Ambala.
15 Const. of Addl. Block in Hr. Police DAV Public Sr. Sec. School, Ambala city.
16 Const. of officer institute at Amabala
17 Construction of concrete parking in front of Admn. Block in the campus of Police line, Ambala city.
18 Providing fibre glass roofing coba treatment on Terrace and construction of Parapet Block in the campus of Police line, Ambala city.
19 S/R of barrack vehicle shed sulabh Souchalya 2 Nos gates and renovation in Ist Bn HAP A/City.
20 Up gradation of road in Police line at special repair of Police station and Police post no. 3 at Ambala.
21 S/R of IGP office Ambala range in Distt. Ambala.