Madhuban Division

Madhuban division


Sr. No. Name of work
1 C/o 8 nos type IV houses at Madhuban
2 C/o 36/48 type VI houses at Madhuban
3 C/o P.S. & 21 nos (1 no type IV, 2 nos type V, 16 nos type VI and 2 nos type VII) house sat Gharaunda
4 C/o 10 nos type III houses at Madhuban
5 C/o FSL at Madhuban
6 C/o D/S barrack at Madhuban
7 C/o Swimming Pool at Madhuban
8 C/o Dining hall at Madhuabn
9 C/o 60 nos type VI and 8 nos type V houses at Karnal
10 C/o Women barrack at Madhuban
11 C/o 16 nos type VII houses at Panipat
12 C/o Police Station at Israna
13 C/o internal road at Panipat
14 C/o Admn block at Panipat
15 C/o armoury at Panipat
16 C/o 16 nos type V houses at Panipat
17 C/o Water supply at Panipat
18 C/o 128 nos type VI houses at Paniapt
19 C/o 8 nos houses at Paniapt
20 C/o barbed wire at Newal
21 C/o Police Station and 20 nos houses at Mohana (actual 14 nos)
22 C/o 103 nos houses at Sonepat
23 C/o 32 nos type VI + 8 nos type VII houses at Sonepat




1 32 nos houses type VII at Madhuban
2 Gymnasium Hall at Madhuban.
3 Office building HPHC Madhuban
4 13 nos houses at Panipat
5 96 nos Gr IIĀ  houses at Panipat
6 Premix carpet over existing roads in Panipat.
7 96 nos houses at Kurukshetra






1 36 nos houses police line at Panipat
2 Special repair pf police post Panipat.
3 Police station Baroda.
4 Special repair police station building in Distt Sonepat.
5 Police post Sonepat
6 Special repair of residential and non residential building at Sonepat.
7 Primary school building Jail complex Karnal
8 Special repair of residential and non residential building at Madhuban.
9 Pdg. And Fixing vitrified tiles in office mess , Admn block , Library block in HPA Madhuban.
10 Two tube well in HPA Madhuban.
11 Re- commissioning of 2 nos HS MITC tube well In police complex Masdhuban
12 MT training school in HPA Madhuban
13 Providing high mast light system in HPA Madhuban.
14 Special repair of FSL and SCRB in police station Madhuban.
15 Providing and fixing 315 transformers with allied in Auditorium at Madhuban
16 Special repair of police station Shahabad P.H amenites at KKR
17 Special repair work of police station building KKR.




Sr. No. Name of work
1 4 nos type V houses at Karnal
2 24 nos type VI house Karnal
3 48 nos type VI house Karnal
4 Open Air gallery, skating rink and 6 nos garages and canteen for SCRB at Madhuban
5 Renovation of 6 nos garage.
6 Construction of sulabh toilet at Madhuban
7 12 nos type V1 houses at Sonepat
8 Police Station at Babain Distt KKR
9 Police Station at Matloda Distt Panipat
10 Police Station at Bapoli Distt Panipat
11 Police Station at Panipat
12 Police Post at Sonepat



1 Providing two high mast lights in Commando Complex at Newal.
2 Renovation of emergency, OT & labour room in hospital, construction of skating rink in HPA at Madhuban.
3 Special repair of PS Civil Lines, Butana, earth filling in PS Indri & Renovation of Control Room, Karnal.
4 Construction of Sentry Tower houses & Guard room in Commando Complex, Newal.
5 Indoor firing Range in HPA, Madhuban.
6 Extension of RTC mess in Commando Complex at Newal.
7 Construction of 3 nos. Sulabh Sauchalaya in Commando Complex, Newal.
8 Renovation of barracks and construction of Sulabh toilets at Madhuban.
9 Construction of 1 no. S.P. residence at Madhuban.
10 Construction of Lab for Training & artificial climbing wall in HPA Madhuban.
11 Water proofing treatment on sloppy roof of Indoor Firing Range in Police Complex, Madhuban.
12 Up-gradation of 31st May Stadium in Police Lines, Karnal
13 Up-gradation of street light system with automatic gate barrier in Commando Complex, Newal at Karnal & up-gradation of estate electrical system in P.L. Panipat & Sonepat.
14 Up-gradation of boundary wall, special repair of roads and CIA building in P.L. Karnal.
15 Special repair of non-residential building in HAP Madhuban (Repair of swimming pool).
16 Up-gradation of estate electrification in Police lines, Karnal and Kurukshetra.
17 Special repair of Interrogation Centre of Crime Branch at Madhuban.
18 Police Station (Rural) Indri Distt. Karnal.
19 Special repair of non-residential building in HAP, Madhuban.
20 Construction of Synthetic Basket Ball ground for Haryana Police Public School, Madhuban.
21 Up-gradation of Conference Hall by providing silent DG set of 125 KVA in Police Complex, Madhuban.
22 Renovation of office building and store at Madhuban. .
23 Up-gradation of Conference Hall at Madhuban by providing air-conditioning system with allied items in Police Complex at Madhuban.
24 Up-gradation of generator room, guard room & providing aluminum cup board & internal electrical fittings in FSL, Madhuban.
25 Construction of CC road, barbed wire fencing and fibre sheet covering in Firing Range in Police Complex at Madhuban.
26 Construction of Conference Hall in HPA, Madhuban (Risk and cost of M/s Harbhagwan).
27 Special repair of exterior surface of misc. buildings at Madhuban complex.
28 Providing outdoor climbing wall of 3D/2D polyster resin fibre glass panel with tubular frame structure including imported enterprises movable external holds, inset holds, boundary wall and climbing equipments imported VIAA/CE certified at Madhuban.
29 Supply, erection, testing and commissioning of one no. 63 KVA silent type DG set complete for FSL, Madhuban.
30 Special repair of barracks in PS Sadar, Thanesar, Disst. KKR.
31 Special repair in Police lines at KKR.
32 Construction of Police Station (Rural) at Pehwa in Distt. KKR.
33 Special repair of toilets P.L. up-gradation of Police Control Room & PS Bapoli (Distt. PPT).
34 Police Post Smalka, Distt. Panipat.
35 Up-gradation of STP system in P.L. Panipat.
36 Special repair of Police Post Urlana, Sector-6, Panipat, upgradation & maintenance of Admn. Block, armoury, 2 no. gates & roads with street light in Police Lines, Panipat.
37 Up-gradation of STP system in Police Line, Panipat (I).
38 Supply & installation of 40 KVA 3-phase 415 volt water closet DG set for STP in Police Lines, Panipat.
39 Construction of Hawalat in City Police Station at Sonepat.
40 Up-gradation of water storage RCC tank of 1.25 lac litres i/c boosting of machinery and pump chamber in P.S. City, Sonepat.
41 Construction of Police Station at Ganaur, Distt Sonepat.
42 15 No. houses for HC/CTs in PS at Rai Distt Sonepat
43 Special repair toilet in PS Baroda and up-gradation of PCR in Distt. Sonepat.