Project Implementation



The Director General of Police, Haryana State accords the priority for construction of residential and non-residential buildings at particular location based on the requirements of the police department.

To undertake the work of repairs and maintenance of police building (Residential and Non-residential), the priority for Special Repairs and Minor Original Works is accorded by the Director General of Police.

Land Availability

Availability of clear and adequate land in the name of Police / Jail Department and also the purpose for which it is required are prerequisite for taking up any project.

Layout Plan and Design

The planning, layout and designing of residential / non-residential building is carried out at the Head Office of the Corporation by the Architect Branch. It prepares Economical and aesthetical designs based on the availability of land.

Various “type designs” for residential and non-residential buildings have been evolved by the architect branch, which are adopted for construction at various sites.

Structural Design

Depending upon the Soil Bearing Capacity investigations results, the structural design are prepared for buildings to be constructed through outsource.

Special attention is provided for structural design considering the seismic zone requirements.

Preparation of Estimates and Tender

After the planning and designing, estimates are prepared by the Civil Engineering Wing based on latest approved Schedule of Rates of the State Government.  Technical Sanction is accorded and Draft Tender Papers are approved depending upon the power delegated for the same.

Tender Invitation

Tenders are invited from the divisional offices as well as from the Head Office depending upon the power delegated for inviting such tenders.

Tender Scrutiny, Evaluation and Award of Contract

After the tenders are received, they are scrutinized and evaluated at the divisional and Head Office. All tender acceptance is done by the Head Office depending upon power delegated to the Managing Director / Tender Allotment Committee.